Belle being displeased in Skin Deep.
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I really loved how they styled Belle’s wig in skin deep. Idk, I just think they have never been able to get her FTL hair right since. 





OH. MY. GOD. I need this on a t-shirt. And a wall poster. And tattooed on the insides of my eyelids.

Why the inside of your eyelids?

So I could stare at it even when my eyes are closed! Maybe have some Rush dreams. :D
Gaston: The young lady is engaged. To me.
Rumplestiltskin: I didn’t ask if she was engaged! I’m not looking for loooooove.
Belle: Hi.
Rumplestiltskin: Shit.

I always felt there were two kinds of people: wolves and sheep. Those who kill and those who get killed.
Hair, makeup, and photography by Victoria VooDoo.
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I needed something bigger to stare at so this is for people who felt the same

Starting off my first day at my new job by coloring rumpelstiltskinned's drawing, which you can find here. :D
Colored with her permission. She’s awesome. <3

Halloween night


what would belle tag #hello my sexy beast #I’m so proud of all my life choices rn #blessed
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Tale as Old as Time

'Once Upon a Time' casts Frances O'Connor as Belle's mom
Once Upon a Time has tapped Frances O’Connor to play Belle’s mother in the upcoming fourth season, EW has learned exclusively.The 47-year-old actress will portray Colette, whom we’ll meet briefly in the sixth episode, but find out she had an immense impact on Belle’s life. There’s a possibility to see her again later in the season.
As EW first reported, Belle’s mom will be introduced through flashbacks. “For the first time, we’ll delve into Belle’s past pre-the encounter with Rumple,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says.
The Once casting marks a return to ABC for O’Connor, who previously starred on the short-lived Cashmere Mafia. Her other credits include Mansfield Park, Bedazzled and Mr. Selfridge.
Once Upon a Time returns Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Great casting. I have loved Frances O’Connor for some time <3
If you don’t know who she is go watch Mansfield Park!!! 
Belle’s dress reminds me of Christine’s gown from the POTO film.
I care about these sorts of things.